Since time ago I've been thinking how to improve theme quality removing our Twig functions to handle aviability of user defined style vs proper text color. Best solution was move all those handlings to SASS functions and apply required modifications there. Now the code is much simpler, easy to understand, and let you add as many colors/styles as you desire.

Today template received a major update of Bootstrap 4.3.1 which includes a lot of improvements, SASS reestructured, new theme options and fixes.

I added support for readingtime Grav plugin for cards and boxed post layouts. Also has been included in item's template. Then you could customize the output string and words-per-minute in plugin configuration.

Many new features have been added from last post. Carousel and Skills modular templates are welcome, and a lot of bugfixes too. Also we added new styles and updated main libraries (Bootstrap 4.1.3 and FontAwesome 5.5).

Bootstrap Blog was built-in with latest FontAwesome (5.0.13) which includes a lot of more icons and tools to play with them. One of main changes is new prefixes grouping icons in Solid, Regular and Brands (Light is only for Pro). By default in this theme Solid is selected by default, so you need t...