Merged Portfolio and Blog into Layouts

Bootstrap Blog update just released today with some fixes and new features! Major change is merge blog and portfolio templates, last one has been removed due now blog do exactly same work. If you are going to update just rename portfolio files to or set template paramater to blog. Also main libraries are updated: Bootstrap 4.1 and FontAwesome 5.1.1.

Merge Blog and Portfolio

Portfolio templates have been removed, now use instead, both have same parameters. You are able to create 'blog' in many folders to work as portfolio or anything you need. Just choose items layout or use default boxed. This simplify development and theme maintenance.

Go to top button

One of new features in this version is capacity to enable a "Back to top button" (enabled by default). Most of websites and themes include this feature, and this one won't be the exception.

Just set true or false in theme parameter back_to_top_button.

Dates from Grav System Config

Long and short dateformats are removed in favour of Grav System parameters. Just have in mind short dates are used in layouts and item pages, and long appears in a tooltip when you hover. Only masonry layout don't render dates.

Errors page

Errors page get some love in css and design. Remember you have to enable errors Grav Plugin.

Simplesearch items layout

Do you have enabled simplesearch plugin? Now you can choose a layout to render search results. Type "boxed", "cards" or "masonry" in simplesearch.layout theme parameter:

    layout: cards