What's new in 1.1.5?

Many new features have been added from last post. Carousel and Skills modular templates are welcome, and a lot of bugfixes too. Also we added new styles and updated main libraries (Bootstrap 4.1.3 and FontAwesome 5.5).

Carousel Modular

It looks pretty good! And very easy to setup. Simply add some slides in your carousel.md header, type image filename if it's placed in same folder, relative path, or url. Add also the url if you want to link slide to a page.

title: Carousel
hide_controls: false
        title: 'Hello world!'
        text: 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet'
        url: /blog
        image: snow.jpg
        text: Title
        url: /
        image: frogs.jpg

Do you want to show your items/pages in carousel? No problem! Create a Page Collection in content.

title: Carousel
hide_controls: false
        '@page': /templates/layouts
        by: date
        dir: desc
    limit: 3
    pagination: false

Be careful, slides parameter overrides content collections.

Skills Modular

Place where show to everyone your skills! Create an array of elements with text and value to setup skillbars. Currently we don't support stages, but will be added very soon. As in almost templates you can set a style parameter to container as well to skills.

title: Skills
style: purple
        text: PHP
        value: '80'
        text: Javascript
        style: orange
        value: '70'
        text: Symfony
        style: green
        value: '80'


I also did some bugfixes related to item's pagination and a js issue due using slim JQuery version with cdn enabled. This should solves go to top button animation.

Another Disqus crash was found when title has quotes. Fix: What's new in 1.1.5?


I found some issues updating from Admin panel. Don't fail everytime, I'm troubleshootting how to solve it with Grav team. It looks happend becouse new configuration and old one have differences, and Grav can't merge config files in certain situations. For now run gpm update and nothing looks failing using Grav Package Manager.

php bin/gpm update bootstrap-blog

Good day!

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