Updated Bootstrap and New Features

Today template received a major update of Bootstrap 4.3.1 which includes a lot of improvements, SASS reestructured, new theme options and fixes.

New Theme Options

  • container_fluid: Enabled set full-width container spanning anchor elements to fill all viewport. Useful when we desire a edge-to-edge visualization.

  • item.featured_image: Display first folder image automatically at top of item pages. Disable it if you want full control of your markdown content.


SCSS code has been refactorized to ease extending and customization. Also we included some improvements on responsive layouts, sticky navbar and minor fixes. New Bootstrap framework feature of responsive font sizes is not implemented, but we're planning to support it as theme option very soon.

Login status

Fixed the extended template from Login Plugin which displays current logged user in navbar.

Update theme via bin/gpm update or download it from GitHub.

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