Moved macros to SASS functions

Since time ago I've been thinking how to improve theme quality removing our Twig functions to handle aviability of user defined style vs proper text color. Best solution was move all those handlings to SASS functions and apply required modifications there. Now the code is much simpler, easy to understand, and let you add as many colors/styles as you desire.

SASS mixings and style patterns

Now all theme doesn't require a macro to render text contrast when you select a style for any modular/template or item. Always is CSS (or SASS mixings) responsible to apply color properly. This change shouldn't break anything on older installations, I took in consideration keep same behaviours but many templates was rewritten and software development isn't 100% safe perfect.

If you find any issue on styles or backward compatibility please report it and give details of your settings.

Now is possible to add colors editing sass files via Grav Theme Inheritance. Be aware of assets/scss/template/configuration/_colors.scss file to do it on your own. At this point, it will be possible add a Palette feature to add/edit or remove colors on a UI and then run SASS compiler. That's the plan for 2.x.

New colors

Becouse now it's pretty easy add new colors, I included these ones:


Remember they are only available from expert mode. I need to find a way to create big lists on blueprints with search support.

Pagination template

Just added a customized partials/pagination.html.twig template to extend Bootstrap 4 classes and center it. Remember to disable built_in_css plugin option to avoid CSS conflicts.

Left before / Right now

Before Now

Tons of small improvements and bugfixes was done, update theme via bin/gpm update or download it from GitHub.